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We address enterprises’ data security and privacy concerns and help them through their journey to achieve compliance.

Data protection is the process of safeguarding critical and sensitive data from potential compromise, modification or loss. In today’s world, data is growing at an unprecedented rate, making it critical to protect sensitive data from potential misuse. Data Privacy regulations deal with the handling of personal or financial data. Data privacy concerns arise when data is shared with third parties without the consent of its owner. Data breaches can cause the organizations heavy damage in terms of penalties or reputation loss.

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Data Privacy & Protection Services

  • Protects personal data

  • Protects financial data

  • Anti Theft

  • Highly Secured

How significant is privacy as a component of cyber security?

Very significant. There has been an unprecedented growth of social media, personal cloud services, and employees utilizing personal devices and third-party applications. This parallels with high profile stories on data breaches and even government accessing citizens’ personal information. The issues cited by state Chief Information Security Officers include unauthorized access to personal information, compliance with state statutes on privacy and managing information sharing with third parties.

What are states doing regarding cyber awareness and training?

Do cloud services create new cyber security issues?

How do I go about organizing a comprehensive approach to cyber security in my organization?

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