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    Benefits of Email/SMS Marketing.

    Excellent email/sms marketing can inform consumers, engage customers, and boost online traffic and sales.

    Increase Overall Sales Volume

    Email marketing remains the most successful strategy for online businesses, and it has consistently provided the highest ROI. While it is one of the oldest forms of modern digital marketing, it continues to find popularity due to its continued profitability.

    Email/SMS Campaign Audit

    One of the best generators of site traffic and conversions is a healthy (and growing) email marketing campaign. This revenue channel is often clogged by ineffective messaging, broken email templates, and poorly segmented email lists.

    Email/SMS Strategy

    Email/SMS campaign strategy program will help you to identify and define core audiences to focus on within email, by defining audience persona, establish benchmarks and KPIs, segmentation strategies; and provide recommendations for prioritization of email programs.