Blockchain consulting & development

Our blockchain development services

clickandfound helps enterprises implement blockchain-based solutions into their daily operations. We go beyond cryptocurrencies and offer blockchain development for automating a variety of business processes, from customer data exchange to secure supply chain management to transparent accounting.

Blockchain development

clickandfound designs and implements decentralized applications (dApps) as well as integrates them into enterprise systems. Our customers can leverage a protected, failure-proof environment for diverse business transactions and collaboration.

ICO development

We guide our customers through the full cycle of their ICO launch, promotion and support. We offer our technological competence of implementing solutions for token design, ICO campaign management and supervision.

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We implement smart contracts within your chosen blockchain ecosystem to make decentralized transactions available in different business domains. Through smart contracts development, we help companies facilitate payments, deals, money and asset exchange, and crowdsourcing campaigns, as well as minimize the risk of fraud and human-related errors in the process. Our blockchain consultants also help customers assess the viability and performance of implemented smart contracts through our proprietary blockchain assessment methodology. We monitor the accuracy of transactions, algorithm execution, and hardware resilience, as well as oversee smart contract deployment to ensure no flaws creep in.

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Our blockchain consulting services

Blockchain strategy

Staying immune to the hype ourselves, we help our customers understand the pros and cons of blockchain solutions for every business case. As soon as our business analysts prove that blockchain is the to-go technology for your project, we elaborate the suitable strategy of blockchain software development, implementation, and sustainable use.

Blockchain audit

We assess blockchain architecture and logic, operation, performance, and resistance to network contingencies as part of our blockchain consulting. In all cases, blockchain audit is a must-have stage before you can further extend and, optimize your blockchain, or adopt a new platform.

Blockchain security

We not only evaluate how protected your blockchain implementation is, but also analyze how blockchain can make your business operations more secure in general. We carry out security testing to check how the ledger resists potential fraudulent activities. If any leaks are detected, we will help you restore and reinforce your blockchain solution.

Blockchain platforms we work with

As a blockchain development company, we help our customers both choose the most suitable blockchain platforms and build custom solutions on top of them. We consider such factors as your business needs, the purpose of blockchain, your available computing power, and budget expectations, to determine the right technology to become the core of your blockchain application development.

Our blockchain solutions

Our blockchain software developers engineer industry-specific solutions for data, customer relationships and business process management. Turning to clickandfound’s blockchain development services, our customers can get either standalone custom blockchain solutions or blockchain components integrated into other enterprise solutions.

Blockchain for ecommerce


Cryptocurrency transactions

Digital wallets

Payment processing

Crowdsales and auctions


Token-based purchases

Peer-to-peer transactions

Direct sales

Supply chain management

Shipment tracking

Provenance tracking

Inventory management

Product traceability

B2C transactions

Direct B2C interactions

Customer data protection

Loyalty schemes

Blockchain for banking and finance

Financial transactions

Macro- and micropayments

Global transactions

Multi-currency wallets

Cryptocurrency fundraising

Trading solutions

Portfolio tracking

Automated and semi-automated trading

Digital asset trading

Security assessment

Anti-money laundering and KYC solutions

Digital signatures and incorruptible IDs

Transaction validation and approval

Blockchain for healthcare

PHI management

Health record management

PHI storage and sharing

Patient consent recording

Protected access to clinical test

Healthcare payments

Сlaim management

Patient billing and healthcare payments

Clinical trial and research results management

Care delivery workflows

Blockchain-based IoMT

Drug traceability

Improved healthcare interoperability

Blockchain for e-learning

Elearning program management

Decentralized MOOC platforms

Open-source knowledge libraries and networks

Verification of elearning program credibility

Anti-plagiarism and copyright protection

Student management

Management of learners’ IDs and academic credentials

Learner record management

Attendance validation

Learning progress tracking

Knowledge assessment and certification

Digital certificate issue and delivery

Acquired knowledge validation

Open badges and skill portfolios

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Success stories from our blockchain developers

Blockchain trading desk

clickandfound delivered a Forex-like blockchain-based trading solution. The application accumulates accurate real-time data from large cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Kraken, providing users with a powerful trading and bidding toolset.

Global patent registry

Applying their expertise in smart contracts, clickandfound’s team delivered blockchain app development on top of Hyperledger for end users to securely manage transactions regarding patent licensing and sales.

Gold-mining ICO

Our team completed full-cycle ICO development to help the customer fund their project through gold-backed tokens. For this, clickandfound implemented Etherium-based smart contracts, launched an ICO website, and performed blockchain integration.

Patent management platform

Case study

Patent management platform

Learn how clickandfound delivered a blockchain-based patent management platform, automating monetization and bringing transparency to the IP market.

Blockchain implementation: the executive’s step-by-step guide


Blockchain implementation: the executive’s step-by-step guide

Our detailed blockchain technology implementation guide shows how to join the 4% of companies that successfully moved from PoC to blockchain deployment.

Blockchain interoperability in supply chain


Blockchain interoperability in supply chain

Want to use blockchain, but not sure how to tackle blockchain interoperability? Understand the concept and the benefits it brings to your business.

Blockchain for nonprofits: making our world a better place


Blockchain for nonprofits: making our world a better place

Top 5 use cases of blockchain for nonprofits. Learn how blockchain helps to expose fraud and reestablishe donors’ trust.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform development

Case study

Cryptocurrency exchange platform development

clickandfound developed a cryptocurrency exchange platform linking bitcoin exchange accounts to allow users to trade from one web application.

Blockchain for IoT security — a perfect match


Blockchain for IoT security — a perfect match

Find out how the application of blockchain in IoT can help address data security issues through decentralization and operations transparency.

Real-life examples of blockchain-based digital transformation


Real-life examples of blockchain-based digital transformation

Find out how world-famous brands are applying blockchain to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

Real-life examples of blockchain-based digital transformation


Blockchain standards: are we there yet?

In this article, we discuss the efforts of consortiums to produce blockchain and fintech software development standards.