Digital enterprise

Digital enterprise consulting

We help enterprises level up their operations through digital transformation. Our team implements solutions and sets up software ecosystems that increase the efficiency of enterprise processes through reduced human effort, minimized resource consumption, and expedited workflows.


At the initial stage, we help you elaborate a roadmap for digital enterprise implementation. We assess current processes to identify the optimal business segments and use cases for incorporating new technologies.


We analyze your enterprise’s computing power, human resources, and budget expectations to select the technologies for your digital transformation. We also draw up a long-term plan on the tech stack support and upgrade


We apply the selected technologies to create your custom enterprise solution, integrate it into your infrastructure, and equip it with analytics to keep track of its performance, security, and usage.

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Digital enterprise software for your industry

In the software development business since 1998, clickandfound has accumulated broad experience in building industry-specific automation systems. Keeping in step with the technology evolution, today we provide multiple business domains with smart solutions built according to industry standards and global requirements for the quality and security of process and data management.

By building custom software for healthcare providers, we help them improve their system interoperability, increase data accuracy, personalize patient support, and excel at clinical and health management.

  • Hospital management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Medical imaging
  • Diagnostics support
  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • Patient analytics
  • Drug traceability
  • Remote patient monitoring

We provide banking and financial institutions with solutions that allow them to effectively manage workflows, access accurate financial analytics, strengthen physical and digital security as well as uplift customer relationship management.

  • Financial trend prediction
  • Financial transactions
  • Security
  • Risk management
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Personal finance management
  • AI-powered trading
  • KYC solutions
  • Assisted banking


clickandfound makes software solutions an essential part of manufacturers’ digital assets. These solutions automate production cycles, speed up workflows, and minimize the risk of errors.

  • Product quality management
  • Assembly-line robotics
  • Human-to-machine communication
  • Operational intelligence
  • Production safety
  • Innovation management
  • Digital twins

We make the digital enterprise concept a reality for retail companies and ecommerce market players. clickandfound’s team assists our customers in diversifying customer experience while optimizing supply chains and automating fulfillment.

  • Customer portals
  • Inventory management
  • Decentralized payments
  • Augmented shopping
  • Predictive analytics
  • Anti-theft solutions
  • Digital auctions
  • Proximity marketing

By bringing process automation to the automotive industry, we help manufacturers and car dealers boost sales through unmatched customer service. We also create custom solutions enhancing driver safety and comfort.

  • Assisted routing
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Vehicle prototyping
  • Remote vehicle control
  • Virtual showrooms
  • Automotive sensors
  • Connected vehicles
  • Driving training
  • Vehicle and data security

Media and entertainment

clickandfound supports media and entertainment businesses with custom solutions built with the help of competitive technologies. Our software enables data-driven content generation and distribution while delivering a wow effect to every end user.

  • Personalized content delivery
  • Consumer and content analytics
  • AR- and VR-powered entertainment
  • Advertising tools
  • Gaming solutions
  • Secure monetization

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From digital to intelligent enterprise

We provide our customers with a variety of intelligent enterprise solutions for production automation, assisted customer communication, and new revenue generation channels.

Efficient data management is the foundation of our intelligent enterprise solutions. clickandfound has the necessary expertise in data analysis, migration, warehousing, cleansing and integration, while establishing data security and sustainability throughout our service delivery.

Data accumulation

  • Custom OLAP & ETL solutions
  • Presentation & visualization
  • Data selection and normalization
  • Data analysis

Data management

  • ECM & EDM systems
  • Metadata management
  • Centralized data repositories
  • Data recovery and cleansing
An Odoo-based BPM solution for a car service center

Case study

An Odoo-based BPM solution for a car service center

Read the case study of clickandfound's team delivering a BPM solution based on multiple customized Odoo modules for a Canadian car service provider.

Salesforce development for a construction company

Case study

Salesforce development for a construction company

Find out how clickandfound optimized a Salesforce-based system for a construction company and boosted the system usage by 30%.

Artificial intelligence in cyber security


Artificial intelligence in cyber security

We explore the current uses of artificial intelligence in cyber security and look at the emerging types of incursions and research-driven solutions.

Automated KPI reporting tool for an Oil & Gas company

Case study

Automated KPI reporting tool for an Oil & Gas company

Read the story of clickandfound’s holistic KPI software development project for a major Oil & Gas company.

Digital transformation in manufacturing: top trends of Industry 4.0

Case study

Corporate learning portal for PayPal

This is how clickandfound delivered a platform-based new hire training portal for PayPal, helping to reduce the learning curve for newcomers.

Digital transformation in manufacturing: top trends of Industry 4.0


Digital transformation in manufacturing: top trends of Industry 4.0

Discover the major trends of digital transformation in manufacturing and why it may result in a new momentum for this industry.

Atlassian migration for IATA

Case study

Atlassian migration for IATA

Find out how clickandfound implemented Jira Service Desk Cloud and migrated legacy data to it for IATA, an aerospace trade association.

Atlassian migration for IATA

Case study

Billing management software for a US tax payment service provider

Learn how clickandfound migrated billing management software to Microsoft Azure and enriched the solution with custom features and security updates.