Retail software solutions

Our competences

Our team develops retail software to empower brick-and-mortars to compete with ecommerce platforms. We give retailers the tools for providing seamless customer experience and personalized service across various channels, be it in- or near-store, web, or mobile.

Retail app development

clickandfound develops custom retail software from scratch or based on industry-leading platforms (SAP Commerce Cloud, Magento Commerce, and more) that connect online and offline channels and help your retail business reach digitally savvy customers.

Full-range integration

We connect retail apps with enterprise systems, such as ERPs, supply chain management systems, ecommerce modules, and legacy systems to make sure you have a hub for controlling and managing a range of retail operations end to end.

In-store automation

We deploy in-store automation so that you could leverage sensors, beacons, and mobile apps to create connected, digitally augmented experiences for your visitors, increase store usability, and boost operational efficiency.

clickandfound’s team constructs BI infrastructures that process structured and unstructured data from different channels. These provide insights on customer behavior and preferences, stock movement and demand, shop-floor usability, and other critical metrics.

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End-to-end retail software development

We develop complex multifunctional systems and standalone modules for specific operations, based on proven retail technologies. We further integrate them into corporate infrastructures, seeing to every retail stage and streamlining critical yet often manual and routine processes.

We develop POS software that will turn your terminals into a key point in the customer experience continuum. We connect POS to inventory systems to give your staff access to product information and availability in real time, as well as to your CRM to access customers’ purchase and loyalty records. Our POS software will ensure fast and secure payment processing.

Inventory and pricing

We create and upgrade inventory management systems to provide inventory and pricing visibility across retail outlets, digital sales channels, and warehouses. By leveraging analytics and reporting, you will be able to manage prices and discounts, come up with effective merchandising strategies, and track product shelf life and stock levels.

Order fulfillment

Our team creates digital fulfillment solutions to automate order tracking, shipping, and delivery management. They can streamline click-and-collect, track order statuses across online and offline channels, and automate invoice and receipt generation. Such a solution can also serve as a collaboration portal for assistants, fulfillment managers, and couriers.

Billing and payments

We build and integrate custom solutions to streamline billing, cut processing delays, and speed up checkout and refunds. Our solutions support multiple payment options, including via mobile and wearables. We also provide smooth payment experience for self-checkout stations. We make sure all the transactions are secure and tamper-proof.

Marketing automation

We enable marketing automation to facilitate personalized engagement of your customers. Your retail solution will build up customer segments and profiles based on multi-source data, analyze trends and patterns, and help you personalize your ad, email and social media campaigns, promotions, and beacon notifications based on the customer’s location, preferences, and purchase history.

clickandfound builds and optimizes online commerce platforms to serve connected customers wherever they choose to make a purchase, seek help, or make a return. We create trade portals, online stores, B2B or B2C marketplaces, and modules for shopping on social media, equipped with secure and fast e-payment tools and support options, such as call centers and AI-based chatbots.

Related services

Retail CRM

We implement custom and platform-based CRM solutions for retailers to boost their omnichannel sales strategies, customer service, in-store and digital experiences.

Retail ERP

We streamline retail back-office operations through a holistic ERP system integration with your business automation ecosystem.

Ecommerce personalization

clickandfound helps retailers implement data-powered personalization solutions to enhance customers’ loyalty, create efficient marketing campaigns, expand customer base, and increase sales.

Retail software solutions for omnichannel engagement

Our company will make your retail application fit for omnichannel customer engagement. A centralized data hub will bring together all touchpoints along with the tools for delivering consistent customer experiences.

Ecommerce platform
Enterprise systems
Mobile applications
Social media

360-degree customer view

We customize and integrate CRM systems to provide access to accumulated data on customers and partners in one place. You will get a 360-degree customer view as well as streamline your communication.

Loyalty systems

We create tailored loyalty management and reward systems accessible via loyalty cards and mobile apps. By offering personalized bonuses and discounts, you will generate new audience as well as retain existing customers.

Proximity marketing

We connect NFC, beacon and sensor technologies to enable retailers’ personalized offers sent via proximity-triggered notifications on customers’ smartphones or for assisting customers around the store.

We can equip your premises or apps with augmented and virtual experience tools that help customers visualize how products function, fit in the interior, or match a certain look, to aid their purchasing decisions as well as engage in brand new ways.

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Mobile solutions for retail

We can design mobile apps for your shoppers and staff alike, to provide access to real-time data, streamline activities, help complete tasks on the go, and assist customers and colleagues.

Apps for customers

We build mobile solutions for customers that allow them to:

Activate loyalty program membership Place orders into virtual shopping carts

Use smartphones as self-service kiosks Get access to augmented shopping

Apps for shop assistants

We develop apps that give your staff, wherever they are, an opportunity to:

Process purchases via smartphones, tablets, or portable POS Check out product information and real-time availability

Place stock requests Communicate with other assistants and managers

Apps for back-office staff

We create mobile apps that facilitate behind-the-scenes retail activities and help:

Track inventory and get low-stock alerts Monitor order fulfillment

Supervise product dispatch and clearance Generate documents during field sales

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